FX trader

We are seeking a dedicated foreign exchange trader to join our growing company. This may include being available to trade on the weekends. You will be required to develop trading strategies to balance risk management when buyingand selling on different forex trading platforms. This will also include creating and delivering reports on a regular basis to management.

Job Qualifications and Skill Sets
Bellower the qualifications expected of a forex trader:
•Bachelor’sdegree in business, finance, economics, or mathematics
•Extensive knowledge of FX trading
•Previous background and skills as FX trader in banks and/or FXbrokers
•Familiarity with risk management
•Strong quantitative skills
•Excellent communication skills
•Optimal organizational and analytical skills
•Keen attention to detail and the ability to spot opportunities that othersmiss.

Below are some of the responsibilities a forex trader is expected to assume in their position:
•Manage the risks of trading on foreign exchange markets while making a profit
•Conduct research on the financial markets
•Analyse market activity and monitor market trends
•Monitor trading activities and transactions
•Prepare reports to managers
•Maintain records in accordance with financial regulations
•Always keep the strategy and positions under approved limits and risk management

• The office is located in DIFC, Dubai, UAE
• Competitive salary, coupled with comprehensive medical insurance
• Access to opportunities for continuous professional development and training
• Enjoy a comfortable and modern workspace
• Formal employment in strict accordance with UAE legislation


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