Mechanical Design Manager

The Mechanical Design Manager reports to the Project Design Manager and is responsible for providing mechanical engineering leadership for the projects in a multidisciplinary professional environment.

· Have strong knowledge of the terms of Contract so that he or she will ensure that the mechanical design and engineering is managed in an efficient manner providing completeness and constructability with other discipline.

Role & Responsibility

· Prepare engineering space planning, schematic design and detailed design for the project.

· Have knowledge to evaluate that all drawings, calculations and specifications are fully compliant with local code, regulations and Russian practice.

· Monitor and assist with the Project Design Manger to work with local authorities for obtaining information and approvals

· Assist in sequencing the discipline schedules to the Master Schedule established by the Project Director

· Regularly review and maintain consultant’s deliverables and progress checklist

· Assist with the Project Design Manager to ensure the preparation of required submittals and progress schedules etc.

· Review mechanical drawings, details, calculations and specifications for basic conformance with the quality standard of the Client,  local codes, other enforcing agency requirement and adequacy of the coordinated mechanical


· Work with CM to prepare technical answers to the RFIs requested by contractors

· Review and evaluate the value engineering and make recommendations to the Client.

· Review the design documents periodically, focusing on the need for clarity, constructability, consistency, and cost effective.

· Review each submittal to confirm that submittal is in accordance with contract requirements.

· Monitor and manage all schedules identifying the activities and critical events involved in the performance of the project.

· Perform a detailed written review and analysis of each schedule submission in a timely manner.

· Conduct constructability review and value engineering with project team considering overall project cost.

· Prepare a periodic written report showing progress of the services in a form satisfactory of the Client.

· Liaise with LEED or BREAM consultant and provide guidance to achieve required grade.


· Bachelor or higher professional degree with over 7 (seven) years experience in mechanical design and engineering field.

· Have a strong knowledge of various mechanical systems, equipments and materials.

· Must be Familiar with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, normative, permit process, local practice, and external utilities.

· Proficient CAD skills and Microsoft office suite of programs are essential

· 3D skills (RevitMEP and Navisworks) would be advantageous.

· English oral & written communication skills are strongly required.

· Korean oral & written communication skills would be advantageous.

· Registered engineer in Russian Federation is highly desirable